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     Genuine Remedy is a contemporary/worship band resonating through the small town of Ashland, Kentucky in the United States of America.  The band came together in late September of 2014 with various playing styles from each individual.  The guys of GR also came from different lifestyles and backgrounds and feel that from what they have been through in their lives really helps them relate to a variety of people.  From rags to riches the guys from GR (Genuine Remedy) have cleaned their lives up and are using their past as a passage way and testimony to share what God has done for them and what God can do for you. 

     Genuine Remedy collaborates their different playing style which vary from funk, blues, worship, and rock, and use it to create an original sound in their music. The drummer, Scott Raney states "it gives us a wide spectrum of places to play and share the gospel through our music and testimony, because we  play so many different styles of music."  GR performs for events such youth rallies, recovery events, church services, and much more.  
     The band writes their songs along with playing cover songs.  In May of 2016 Genuine Remedy released their first single titled "Keep Running" inspired by the Ministry Amy for Africa.  Amy Compston is a woman of God who runs to raise money for kids in Africa.  Amy, has been known to run in events ranging from 5ks to The Boston Marathon.  The money her ministry has raised in the past has allowed them to provide schools, medicines and other supplies in Africa.  You can find out more information about her ministry at http://www.amyforafrica.com 

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